Monday, July 06, 2009

Pictures & Progress

Since Sundance, things have been progressing at breakneck speed.

Ten for Grandpa
has gotten into 19 film festivals since January, winning a Special Jury Prize at Aspen ShortsFest. I just got back from the Los Angeles Film Festival, where the film played to very receptive audiences, and I had a ton of meetings about our latest project, my fourth feature screenplay, Dwelling. A major star recently signed on in one of the lead roles and as the executive produce the film, and we'll be beginning production next June. In the meantime, we're starting to raise the financing and package the film with other other major screen talents. So it looks like I'm finally barreling into production (at a very controlled pace) on my feature directorial debut. Better start downing the vitamins, and taking better care of myself...

As a research tool for one of the characters in Dwelling, I recently bought a medium format Yashica from the 70's and have been shooting a ton ever since. A bunch of my photos are now up at:

Apart from that, we're also continuing to developing a bunch of TV series, documentary projects, and three other feature films so stay tuned...