Thursday, June 28, 2007


Too much travel has caused my head to spin uncontrollably. Now I'm back and a million things are going on at once, which is compounding the issue. We're editing our new Malawi documentary, prepping a new film for Bravo! and re-writing "My Thermonuclear Family" for a certain interested party. In two weeks we move out of our DUMBO offices into a 3000 square foot ravioli factory in Soho that we're converting into production/office/retail space. There's a couple of other significant events that have recently taken place, but we haven't announced them publicly yet, so...

Here are however some things that I can (and am happy) to report:

"Lifecycles: a story of AIDS in Malawi" is now available at

A Deal At Twice The Price

Our new production company website is FINALLY (almost) finished:

Chop Wood Carry Water

There are a couple of new articles that came out about us recently:

Aliant Article
The Gate

Anniversary Present will soon be screening in New York City on the opening night of:

The ACE Film Festival

And somehow in the middle of all my travels and moves, I managed to sneak off to Coney Island with my friends Edward and Marta Mckeever to catch the Mermaid Parade:

OK that seems like enough news for now. I guess I better stop procrastinating and get back to work re-writing the screenplay or editing the documentary or checking my email or something.


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