Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mexico, Malawi, New York, Halifax, Vancouver...

It feels like I'm on my round-the-world trip all over again. Just got back from two weeks working vacation in Mexico, getting a little R&R while researching and writing a new thriller screenplay, and now I'm off to Malawi, Africa on Friday.

My Chop Wood Carry Water partner Eddie Boyce and I are going to Malawi for 2 weeks with Fordham Law School's Crowley Program in International Human Rights, to follow 15 law students and faculty on a fact finding mission focusing on the Feminization of HIV/AIDS in Malawi. They hired us to tag along and make a TV half-hour documentary covering the mission that they then hope to get on PBS and an audio version on NPR.

Aside from that our projects are starting to pile up at a whirlwind pace: a huge international broadcaster is getting interested in 'Circus in a Suitcase'; the prospect of some very major strides forward are seemingly just over the horizon for 'My Thermonuclear Family'; a new New York City based television series is gaining some headway; the 6 week production of a documentary in India is on the rise; we're working away on a video project and the entire new album website for the Beastie Boys (who are releasing a new album imminently); and traveling around the US and Canada as we continue to produce industrial pieces for our corporate clients... and the list goes on.

Basically moving to New York City and partnering with Eddie and Spiros was the best professional decision I've ever made.

Gotta get back to work...