Tuesday, June 03, 2008

New York in June

OK, so that was the longest gap in this blog's history. It's not that I haven't had anything to report, quite the opposite in fact. I've been entirely overwhelmed. We're finally making some serious headway breaking into the commercial world:

We just finished post production on a series of spots for Playtex including this one that got over a million hits so far... Nightclub... church?

A spot that we recently completed for The Lunchbox Fund stars Billy Crudup, Mario Batali and Piper Perabo...

And we're directing numerous music videos:

Our recent viral hit video for Kaki King (best score 2008, Golden Globes) had a front page premier on Youtube...

And a recent one for Rustic Overtones...

And things on the creative side are clipping along nicely. I'm 30 pages into my newest screenplay, and writing hot. Yesterday I wrote for almost eight hours and kept myself awake till 3am tweaking away on scenes in my head.

We also recently hired a new full time producer at
Chop Wood Carry Water, so our feature projects and commercial works have that much more support.

Apart from that, we're finishing up the post on our new short film Ten For Grandpa, and should have a trailer up soon. As well as developing two brand new feature screenplays and a host of other stuff that you'll be hearing about soon.

Oh and I just looked at my last post, and Anniversary present has since almost tripled its hits on Atom films, having now climbed up to 374,827 plays.

I'm gonna get back in the habit here, so check back soon...