Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Muse, the Jinx, the Promise of Another Page

Somehow over the last week and a half of writing I've managed to come out with 67 pages of screenplay. Usually I write between two to four hours a day, but this script has been waking me at 9am and not letting me go until well into the night, sometimes even early the next day. But there are three elements that I'm wrestling with on a daily basis, and quit possibly this entry is tempting the fate of all three. These are the Muse, the Jinx and the Promise of another page. So far the Muse has been very good to me and my script has been quickly taking shape in a way that I'm really pleased with. The Jinx is the fact that when you're "writing hot," all you can think about is the possibility that you're gonna lose your mojo. And the Promise of another page, is the hope that you actually have another page worth of things to say about this story. So far so good... but you never know what tomorrow's writing is going to be like.

On another front, I met a British '91 Gulf War veteran at a party last night who told me that "the solution to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is that you just have to drink enough alcohol while you're in country, that when you get home after the war, you'll be numb to your traumatic memories." He offered to read "Living-Room War" and give me some insight into how things went down in the Middle East back in 1991. I'm very pleased to have another insider's prospective.

And now back to writing "Ten Years In" (thanks so much for your input on the script's title).


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