Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Party Whores

It's been an insane five days and I am truly beginning to feel like a party whore. I've been to between 3 and 6 parties a night, jumping in a cab to the next venue the second someone tells us there's a cooler spot across town. There are multiple events going on all at the same time and at a guess there are a dozen parties being thrown a night. Tonight I made it home by 2:30 AM and it's the first time that it's still been dark by the time I've made it home. The craziest night was last night at the "One X One" party, a high-profile benefit aimed at raising money for poverty in Africa. I met a bunch of movie stars, the fantastic (and very cool) director Cameron Crow, and got a chance to talk with Kate Hudson and give her a copy of my AIDS doc "Lifecycles: a story of AIDS in Malawi". I'm pooped. I've lost my voice. I'm only half done. But one thing is for sure, Dose Magazine isn't paying me enough for the antics I've pulled to get into some of these VIP and exclusive bashes.


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