Tuesday, November 08, 2005

We Gotta Get Off This Compound

Four days ago Sierra and I arrived in Orlando, Florida to be one of four Camera/Sound teams for my old partner Walter's documentary on "The World Rubik's Cube Championships" to be held at Disney World's "Pop Century Resort." I knew we were in trouble when I asked the lady at the Magical bus that takes you to your hotel from the Orlando airport if our new abode was nice. "Pop's one of our Value Resorts, Hon." She winked at me, and her painted on eyebrows moved up and down like a cartoon character's. For the next four days the only words that went through my mind were "We gotta get off this compound." The food was some of the nastiest I've ever eaten (I cannot over emphasize this point). Our nine person crew was dysfunctional at best. The Cuber's were mostly autistic, or insane (with some friendly exceptions). And Disney world? Well it was Magical. I think whoever put the following postcard lines on postsecret.com got it just right: "I visited the happiest place on earth... and I cried in the bathrooms"


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